FX Extractor

Solvent Extraction

FX Extractor

In an FX Extractor, the material enters through an inlet hopper and is swiftly saturated with miscella. The feeding hopper is equipped with a minimum & maximum level controller to form a further gas lock within the hopper. At low level the feed screw conveyor will stop and at high level the preparatory equipment will stop. The bed of the material is continuously washed with counter-current stages of miscella after the initial saturation process. 

The surface of the material bed is provided with rakes. These rakes along with belt, maintain percolation and prevent miscella contamination. Compared to shallow bed designs, the miscella has more contact time in this one, to penetrate the flake. Hence, thicker flakes can be used to achieve the desired residual oil. 

This is followed by a long percolation sequence where the stages of miscella are kept separate stages and remaining oil is extracted. The simplicity of the FX-Extractor designed and made by Ferro ensures it is reliable and therefore you have a competitive edge over others. The FX-Extractor optimises Reliability and Simplicity. It is user friendly with a rectangular housing enclosing a slow-moving belt, driven by a single head shaft. 

The FX Extractor boasts of reinforced strength in construction with an optional casing. It requires minimum site work for pre-assembly, resulting in rapid and low-cost installations. It also comes with stainless-steel, self- cleaning wedge bar or mesh screen, thus being versatile for different raw materials. 

  • It comes with exterior access to all the mechanical parts The design is new and improved.
  • It is easily mountable with a drive/foot mounted gear box It boasts of a special, long life conveyor chain The design comes with an auto control with uniform discharge The mountings are mounted very carefully by undertaking all aspects of operation as well as aesthetics.
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