FX-200DL: FX 200 Saw High Performance Delinter


FX-200DL: FX 200 Saw High Performance Delinter

  • FX-200DL Cotton Seed Delinter is a high capacity Delinting machine designed especially for cotton seed Delinting.
  • It has the superior feature and functioning compared to any other Delinting machine in the cotton seed processing field globally.
  • Its single machine capacity for cotton seed Delinting is upto 100tons per day.
  • FX-200DL Cotton Seed Delinter acquires smaller space compared to its production capacity and ensures minimum seed damage.
  • FX-200DL Cotton Seed Delinter is an easy to operate and low maintenance delinting machine with lowest power consumption comparatively.
  • Saw blanks that are used in FX-200DL Cotton Seed Delinter are made-up of special grade steel with specialized heat treatment with uniform teeth cutting profile which boosts the efficiency and enlarges the life span of saw blanks.
  • Along with FX-200DL Cotton Seed Delinter, comes its separate HMI control panel, giving automatic control for the whole machine, intelligent control for cottonseed feeding, stable and reliable performance, where the operator can note and make settings for the required quality seed and linters.
  • Even with high production capacity the quality of linters produced are superior in quality and the damage to the delinted seeds is next to nil.
  • Well evaluated and reasonable machine structure, adopting many kinds of new technology and material. Machine has a fully closed and painted protection cover, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The passionate professionals take care of every single detail of product specifications and assure the products with zero defects.


FX-200DL: FX 200 Saw High Performance Cotton Seed Delinter
  • For the saw cylinder, we made special mechanical arrangements for Quick detachment of pulley and also the pulley is made lighter in weight so that it can be easily removed and attached.
  • Saw cylinder tube, saw cylinder pulley, brush drum and float roll pulley are fully dynamically balanced which further reduces the ampere load on motor and reduces the running out problem.
  • Saw cylinder made up of mechanical tubing which helps provide smooth operation.
  • Heavy body structure eliminates the vibration of the machine.
  • A specially designed feed chute for FX-200DL avoids the jamming problem and distributes the seed uniformly over the feeder.
  • As a motor located for easy access and open area, allows well ventilated cool running.
  • Provision of a heavy-duty hydraulic system is made for ejection of heavy rack with ease. Each of the hydraulic cylinders are manufactured investing high dedication and high-grade features to comply with the top-quality norms.
  • To create a uniform lint cut with no seed messing with each other & to avoid vacant space, the seed charging chamber is newly designed.
  • Special hardening treatments are done for grates, which in turn reduces its wear out problem and minimizes the sparking problem during its operation.
  • High density brush strips are used in a brush roll.
  • Ease of clean up & long-lasting appeal due to advanced painting technology. This is achieved through sand blasting & after getting paint baked in a special paint booth.
  • Overall power load is reduced from 73HP to 54HP by using a heavy torque mechanism and efficient PLC controller.
  • Auto Ejection system reduces time and effort for ejection of saw cylinders.
  • Upto date safety features for avoiding any fatal incidents or accidents.
  • All moving parts can be easily monitored due to the presence of sight glasses at the point of observation.
  • The rack adjustment settings can be precisely and easily controllable.
  • VFD at the feeder allows the operator to change the flow as required.
  • Heavy duty Rare-earth magnets are used in the feeder which ensures 100% blockage of Iron particles intrusion within the system.
  2. FLOAT MOTOR - 20HP/960RPM
  3. SAW MOTOR - 30HP/960RPM
  4. BRUSH MOTOR - 3HP/1440RPM
  5. LINT AIR HOOD - 11” DIA.
  8. 200 - 18” DIA. X 0.045” SAW ON 7 15/16” DIA. CYLINDER
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